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US Department of Veterans Affairs
Form # Form Title / Revision Date Format
VA 22-1990 Application for VA Education Benefits (06/14) Apply
VA 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (06/14)
VA 22-5490 Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (11/05)
VA 22-5495 Dependents’ Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (06/14)
VA 22-8873 Supplemental Information For Change of Program or Re enrollment After Unsatisfactory Attendance, Conduct or Progress (08/09)
VA 20-8206 Statement of Assurance of Compliance with Equal Opportunity Laws
VA 22-1919 Conflicting Interests Certification for Proprietary Schools
NMDVS State Approving Agency
Form Title / Revision Date Format
Initial School Approval     – Accredited Programs (1/17)
Initial School Approval – Non-Accredited Programs (1/17)
Initial School Approval – On-the-Job (OJT) Training Programs (1/16)
Application for Licensing & Certification Approval System (1/17)
High School Approval (1/16)
Program Modification/ Renewal Approval (1/17)
Verification of Two-Year Period of Continuous Operation (1/16)
Change of Ownership or Control (1/16)
Change of Name (1/15)
Change of Address (1/15)
Form Title / Revision Date Format
Application Package for VA Flight School Approval (1/17)
38 CFR 21.4254 (1/17)
38 CFR 21.4263 (1/17)
Sample VIB (1/17)
List of Aircraft & Other Training Cost (1/17)
VA Form 22-8794 (1/17)
VA Form 27-8206 (1/17)
VA Form 22-1919 (1/17)
85/15 Rule Fact Sheet (1/17)
Statement of Assurance of Compliance with 85/15 Enrollment Ratios (1/17)

State Approving Agency
5201 Eagle Rock Ave, Suite 2A
Albuquerque, NM 87122
Telephone: (505) 383-2431
Fax: (505) 383-2413
SAA E-mail